Clothing Alterations and Repair

So you don’t own a sewing needle and thread? It’s been a while since you last stitched? No worries.

Clothes that look the best are the ones that fit the best. Bring us your garments in need to repair and we’ll take care of them for you. We offer a comprehensive range of alteration services done by experts.

We do basic alterations and repairs including seam repair and button repair. We also work with seamstresses that can take care of anything from custom tailoring to zipper replacement, stitching of major tears  and patches. We hem pants and jackets. We like to consider ourselves your one-stop location for clothes cleaning and repairs. Generally speaking, our alteration services include but are not limited to hemming, tailoring, zipper or button replacement and general mending.

Please note alterations are not offered at our Meaford location.

Contact us at your leisure to find out more.