At Georgian Bay Wet Cleaners, we take our equipment as seriously as you take your clothes. Our equipment is a reflection of our dedication to producing only the best results in a totally new way. Here’s a rundown of the equipment we use to provide the results you demand.

Miele Professional- The WetCare System


Professional cleaning service for the future. A great alternative to dry cleaning.

The sophisticated new WetCare™ system was developed by the internationally respected Miele organization specifically for progressive professional garment cleaners like Georgian Bay Wetcleaning who are taking garment care to the next level.

The new system is designed to produce professional level garment cleaning results, even for most “Dry Clean Only” items, without the use of hazardous solvents associated with old-fashioned dry cleaning. Perchloroethylene is one such solvent being phased-out in many jurisdictions.

Now instead, a pleasant freshness replaces the dry cleaned “solvent smell” and the process leaves behind no harmful traces on your clothing, in your home, or in the environment. WetCare™ is a breakthrough in responsibility for health and the world outside. It has become a true alternative to dry cleaning.

Advantages of WetCare:

  • Use of biodegradable detergents rather than old fashioned solvents
  • Free of dry cleaning chemicals and harmful solvents
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • Excellent cleaning results
  • Gentle processing of delicate fabrics
  • Environmentally friendly processes

Veit Finishing Equipment


Also from Germany, the VEIT Group is a worldwide leading manufacturer of high-tech ironing systems, fusing machines, under-pressing final pressing machines as well as re-finishing equipment for garments. Georgian Bay Wetcleaning uses this top line finishing process as part of the total professional wetcleaning technology approach.

Finishing equipment of this caliber achieves the highest fusing and finishing quality with reduced processing times to help us meet pressing deadlines. and they’re known to be top-quality, long-lasting and trouble-free products (which helps us make sure your clothes get turned around on time!)

Our Agents (Cleaners)

Our solvent is water. It’s that simple. We are an environmentally-friendly, toxic-free environment. When it comes to this industry, that’s tough to do. But we do it because we’re parents, so we think of the future every day we run our business. And we’re employers who are conscious of our employees and their health.

Next Generation Detergents, a BRILLIANT™ Idea

The use of water instead of long-established drycleaning solvents has been achieved through the development of the next generation professional detergents that are so sophisticated that a much smaller quantity of water can be used, and fabrics protected in new ways with specially designed molecular processes that operate at a level far too small to be seen with the human eye.

These substances bio-degrade in the natural environment, unlike Perchloroethylene, which lingers with long term effects.

Detergent technology continues to advance and Georgian Bay Wetcleaning is engaged in a Partners for Progress Partnership with the equipment manufacturers mentioned above and Winning Brands Corporation, makers of the BRILLIANT™ Professional Wet Cleaning Solutions.

In fact, the nature of Georgian Bay Wetcleaning’s discharge into the water supply may be less toxic than your own household, if it is “typical” of North American homes.

This combination of factors enables us to provide you with an environmentally-friendly, toxic-free alternative so that you can Choose to Care™ and be part of the team.

Brilliant™ Professional Wet Cleaning Solutions and Choose to Care™ are trademarks of Niagara Mist Marketing Ltd, Division Winning Brands Corporation