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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

Call us up, or better yet, use our App to arrange a pickup.

How do I get my laundry to you?

Place your garments in the laundry bag we have provided or in a black garbage bag. Leave it at the front door or a secure location. We’ll take it from there.

What is the cost? Is there a minimum?

We charge a minimum of $25 for the first 10 pounds and $2.50 a pound after that. We weigh your items, and the price is adjusted accordingly.

Do you offer discounts?

Ask us about our Wash and Fold Packages.

What can I put in my Wash and Fold bag?

Any personal items you would typically do in your wash at home, like pants, socks, shirts, towels.

What does Wash ’N Fold not include?

Anything that requires pressing, hang to dry, or Dry Clean Only, like wools and silks. It also does not cover large bedding items like comforters, duvets and large personal items like coats.

What happens to items that are not Wash and Foldable?

All items that staff deem not Wash and Foldable are charged separately. While we will try to contact customers if we think an item is not safe for Wash and Fold, customers assume responsibility for all charges that occur.

Do you offer to hang dry?

No. All items are washed, dried and folded.

What happens if an item is damaged?

It is the customer’s responsibility to give us wash and fold ready items. GBWC is not responsible for issues related to zippers, clasps, and buttons. We do our best to sort things based on colour and weight and look for any items we believe may be an issue. All Wash and Fold items are deemed to have Customer Consent to wash and dry them. GBWC is not responsible or at fault for any damage during the wash and dry process, like colour movement, wrinkling, shrinkage, damage to buttons, zippers, clasps, etc.

What happens if an item is lost or my bag goes missing?

All customers’ items are sorted and placed in large laundry bags to be cleaned. Bags are dried and folded individually. While GBWC makes every effort to ensure no items are lost in the process, Items are not tagged individually, and GBWC cannot be held liable for any item we did not clean and return. GBWC is only liable for bags our driver picks up.

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