Preserve Your Wedding Gown For The Next Generation

We specialize in wedding gown preservation and restoration. At Georgian Bay Wet Cleaners, we’ll delicately restore your older yellowed heirlooms back to their original color and texture by using an exclusive and safe process. We can teach you how to maintain your gown for decades to come, should you decide to pass it down to the next generation.


Any gown we clean and preserve in an acid free, keepsake chest will have a lifetime warranty.  What does this mean?  Well when we accept your gown for cleaning, we immediately tag your gown with our identification.  If ever your gown should be worn again, we will repress the gown out of the box absolutely free of charge.  We promise  your gown will be presented back to you in an as close to new condition as is possible.  We love what we do and we recognize how much money our brides have spent on their beautiful gown. We make no compromises. Be leery of the $99.00 special. It usually is too good to be true.  When those gowns are opened just 18 to 36 months later there are often horrible irreversible consequences from improper, high alkalinity detergents.