What is Wet Cleaning?

Wet Cleaning is the non-toxic, solvent-free cleaning of garments.

How does Wet Cleaning work?

Wet Cleaning is a three (3) step process. First, garments are gently and thoroughly wet cleaned using water as a solvent, and biodegradable detergents as soap and conditioners. Computerized washers continuously monitor water, temperature, detergent and agitation levels to ensure a complete clean without the use of harmful chemicals.

Next, if needed, garments are dried to exacting humidity levels to ensure they are never over-dried and remain in shape.
Lastly, wet cleaning professionals, with the aid of state of the art tensioning equipment that uses steam and hot air to finish items, gently press the items into proper shape.

Can “dry-clean only” items be Wet Cleaned?

Yes, the vast majority of  “dry-clean only” items can be Wet Cleaned. The process is specifically designed to ensure a complete clean while preserving the fabric and cut of garments. For those items we believe old-school “dry cleaning” would be beneficial, we work closely with a dry cleaner to deal with those items on an as-needed basis.

Why not just dry clean?

Wet cleaning is gentle on your clothes, and gentle on the environment, while dry cleaning may be harmful. A vast majority of dry cleaners use perchloroethylene, or Perc, which, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is a probable carcinogen, and can damage the central nervous system and cause kidney and liver damage. And while Perc is great at removing grease, as it is an oil derivative itself, it is not great at removing water stains, such as sweat, which causes many dry cleaners to wet wash many garments regardless.

How does Wet Cleaning perform against Dry Cleaning?

We think just as good, if not better. Wet Cleaning is softer on your clothes, and does not have any of the potential harmful after-effects dry cleaning may have…

Have you ever smelt that dry cleaning smell on your clothes? You shouldn’t… that’s Perc residue!
The EPA commissioned a case study of Wet Cleaning versus Dry Cleaning and found “wet cleaning usually performs as well as drycleaning or better for some garments”. (http://www.epa.gov/dfe/pubs/garment/wsgc/wetclean.htm)

What about shrinkage?

We deal with any potential shrinkage issues prior to your clothes even being washed. Shrinkage generally is a product of excess heat, agitation or water. That is why items are carefully inspected for fabric makeup and any potential issue garments are flagged as at-risk. The items are then cleaned in a delicate silk program that is even more gentle than hand wash! Again, detergent, water, agitation and temperature levels are all monitored throughout the cleaning program. Then the garments are rinsed with a finishing agent that provides body and sizing.

And that’s when Veit’s tensioning equipment steps in. All items are pressed back into shape through mechanical action using steam and hot air. The steam loosens any tight fabric or stitching allowing the equipment to place the garment back into its original shape from the manufacturer. Then hot air is blown through the garment, effectively drying it in place. It’s amazing to see!